Course Description

Other GE course regulations:

  1. All focused on department areas of expertise courses may not be counted for graduation credits requirement.
  2.  GE course for foreign students are in accordance with following regulations:  
    • (1)    Foreign students must take Chinese placement test and enroll Chinese course based on results announced by Department of Chinese Literature.
    • (2)    The Development of Civilization course and Visions of Citizens course will focus on foreign students and taught in English.
    • (3)    Foreign language course regulations are according to Freshman English / Japanese curriculum, Sophomore English / Japanese curriculum, and Applied Foreign Languages curriculum.
    • (4)    Providing Chinese language based GE course for foreign students which could enhance their Chinese language skills at the same time.
    • (5)    Students enrolled in dual degree program should take GE course that meet both schools agreement.
    • (6)    Students enrolled in all-English lecture program still need to take Chinese course taught in Chinese.
  3. Each department determines which GE courses to be counted in graduation requirement credits